Fashion Makes Sense with large metal buttons

There was a time when buttons that were large were quite fashionable. This was somewhere in the 60s and 70s. One could see both men and women wearing the outfits with big sized buttons. But as the times change the fashion trends also pass but only to catch up later. The time came when the small buttons became the part of the fashion. The big sized buttons went out of fashion. Everyone was wearing clothes with small buttons. Even today, the main trend is to wear clothes that feature small to midsized buttons. But this sure is changing pretty rapidly. Now, one can also see many men and women flaunting really big sized buttons made of metal. It does make a lot of fashion sense for a number of reasons.

People want to adopt the traditional styles

One of the biggest reasons why putting large metal buttons on the outfit has started making more sense because people want to give a touch of traditional style to their outfit. This is something that has been trending for quite a while. Although one will not see people wearing outfits that are completely traditional, there will be a lot of influence. Most of such outfits feature a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. This is truly a good move. Fusion is something that brings two eras together as far as fashion is concerned. Some people go for the subtle touch of traditional to their outfit, some make it very pronounced. This is completely the preference of the people.

It does not make one look out of place

People who love fashion are trying out new things every day. Just to be fashionable, some people don’t even mind wearing outlandish dresses. But sometimes, this bizarre sense of fashion becomes tasteless. It definitely stands them out of the crowd but not in the right way. On the other hand, clothes with large metal buttons that are nicely designed do not have to make you look out of place. Of course, a great blend of traditional and modern will make one look different from rest. However, it does not mean that one will look bizarre and somewhat unacceptable. It is something that will draw everyone’s attention.

Top designers are using it now

Top designers of the world have started featuring these buttons these days. If these highly respected designers are using these buttons, there must be something about it. There are two types of designers. First type is the one that catches the pulse of the fashion trend and creates their design around it. The other designer is the one who believes in starting a new fashion trend. The good thing is that the buttons with large size are a great choice for both types of designers. When one blends the past with the present, they are creating way for the new future.

Buttons of large size can be seen worn by many celebrities as well. If one will look at the recent red carpet events, one will definitely notice that.